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Calculator for Loudspeaker Sound Pressure Level

Calculates loudspeaker sound pressure in a room at the listening position, based on loudspeaker, room and amplifier data. Tooltip provides additional information.

Automatic unit conversion for length input from mm, cm, in, ft to meters.

The direct radiated SPL is the sound from the speaker with no room contribution, as in an acoustically dead space.

The reverberant contribution is the sound contribution from all reflections in the room. A simplified model is used, it will be reasonably valid for small rooms with normal dimensions. Keep in mind that reverberant sound field behaviour in small rooms is very frequency dependent, as you approach lower frequencies, around the Schroeder frequency, the sound field will be dominated by discrete reflections from and between boundaries.

The sum total SPL is the diffuse field sum of the direct and reverberant sound.

Loudspeaker SPL Calculator

Speaker and room data

Speaker SPL