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How to set up a 2-channel Sound System

28.01.2017: Article released.
30.01.2017: Updated.
24.04.2017: Updated: Requirements, Placing speakers and listening position.
24.10.2017: Updated: Perception of sound.

By Øyvind Kvålsvoll 2017

Can reproduced music in your home actually sound better than live?

Based on the "How to set up a home-theater sound system" article, the basics for setting up a high quality 2-channel sound system for music is covered.

What equipment is needed, where to place speakers, and how to get the best sound.

And busting some of the audio myths that often prevents getting the best performance.

While some of the content may look very technical for some readers - with graphs and hertz and decibels - you can skip those parts, and still get a good introduction on how the experts work with their systems and learn what is important for sound.

Download article in .pdf format from here to read it:

How to set up a 2-channel Sound System