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How to set up a Home Theater Sound System

26.03.2014: Minor updates for Room acoustics.
06.01.2015: Info for new immersive sound formats Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, DTS:X.
20.08.2015: Revised version. Updated content, more images, more on acoustics.

The Theater Sound Experience

"The giant door screeches as it is moving, finally closing with a ponderous thud that shocks through your body - you could swear the door was actually in your room, right there beside you. And all the subtle sound details that adds atmosphere to the illusion of being inside the adventure of your movie, the crystal clear voices from characters moving around as if they were for real."

It is the sound that really immerses you in to the scene, when done right it will be so realistic that the fact you are looking at a screen is the only clue you are still sitting in a room, watching a movie. A good, properly configured sound system will make the difference for movies, but even watching an ordinary documentary is something that will make you regret not having done this a long time ago.

So, you are about to install a sound system for your home theater or media room. Or, perhaps wondering if your current system could actually sound better. This article presents basic information for setting up a typical sound system.

What equipment is needed, where to place speakers, and how to get the best sound.

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