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How to set up a Home Theater Sound System

26.03.2014: Minor updates for Room acoustics.
06.01.2015: Info for new immersive sound formats Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, DTS:X.
20.08.2015: Revised version. Updated content, more images, more on acoustics.

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Further Improvements

Learning more

This article covers basic principles for getting the best sound, it does not go in to detail on technical terms and theory. A place to start for more information and to learn more, can be to search the net for terms and subjects mentioned.

Good places for information and discussions on anything about home theaters and sound:

The Audio Calculator for speaker sensitivity and power requirements:

My audio blog on everything sound related: kvalsvoll.blogspot.com

Kvålsvoll Design web pages has informative articles and product presentations: www.kvalsvoll.com

Better sound

Improvements to sound can be done by doing changes to your system:

  1. Calibration and setup
  2. Room acoustics and placement
  3. Loudspeakers
  4. Amplifiers

How to proceed depends on what you want to improve.

Louder and cleaner at high sound pressure levels:

  • Better loudspeakers with increased sensitivity
  • Improving room acoustics will make it sound cleaner and more dynamic
  • Install more powerful external amplifiers for front speakers

Cleaner, more defined sound:

  • Improve room acoustics
  • Better loudspeakers in front
  • Work on calibration and setup

More impact and punch on low frequency effects, less boom:

  • Install capable subwoofers
  • Work on calibration to get more even response and perhaps lift the low end quite a bit
  • Relocate subwoofers to get more impact

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