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About Kvalsvoll Design

Kvålsvoll Design AS

Kvålsvoll Design now develops the new generation sound reproduction solutions for media rooms, home theater, music, small cinemas.

The company is located in Ålesund, on the north-west coast of Norway.

The development of audio solutions in Kvålsvoll Design has lead to several new technologies for sound reproduction, such as the Compact Horn subwoofers, controlled directivity waveguide horns, a new method for subwoofer calibration.

The new small speaker systems developed in 2020 set a new standard for sound - small size, acceptable cost, works in normal rooms, significantly better sound. This is the sound of the future, with considerable commercial potential.

Kvålsvoll Design AS is a Norwegian registered limited company, founded and owned by Øyvind Kvålsvoll.

The combination of product design, dynamic systems and software knowledge makes Kvålsvoll Design a special partner for development of new solutions where both appearance and functionality requires careful attention.

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About Kvalsvoll Design