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A small loudspeaker with controlled directivity.

For those who want something small and elegant, with decent sound, and never play loud.

F105 was born as a concept loudspeaker, to test out a new cabinet principle. Acoustic ports on the side of the cabinet controls radiation, so that directivity control is achieved all the way down into the bass range.

Small, freestanding with integrated stand, based on affordable components.

Bass is handled by separate subwoofers. This is beneficial for both midrange and bass, because the units can be placed optimally in relation to the frequency range they cover.

A proper crossover brings out the potential from the drivers and cabinet. Controlled response also in time gives the speaker very good holography and 3-dimensionality.

The T6-Flat-A bass-system with integrated amplifier turns F105 into an active speaker system. A 2-channel amplifier with DSP in the subwoofer does crossover and processing of the sound and drives both the subwoofer and F105.

The sound

Smooth, neutral and natural.

The controlled radiation means tonal balance and frequency response are less affected by room and placement. Down in the mid-range, there is an absence of resonances and box-sound that resembles good panel speakers - electrostatics magnestats.

In good acoustic surroundings, the soundstage becomes 3-dimensional with full depth, and instruments appear as real objects with physical size.

Compared to the larger speakers, dynamics are lacking, and they can't play really loud. But in many cases, loud is never required, and some will prefer the comfortable and more subdued transients.


Unique for the F105 are the acoustic ports on the side of the cabinet. These ports are acoustically damped and their output combine with the sound from the bass membrane to give the speaker a sound radiation more focused towards the front to the listener, across the whole frequency range down to bass.

The LF driver has an exceptionally linear response, with no resonances or faults. It has clear limitations with regard to capacity and dynamics, but within its comfort limits, it delivers very good sound.

Since the bass is reproduced by separate subwoofers, there is no need to push low end extension. Then the speaker can be designed to perform even better in the important midrange, and the solution with radiation control using acoustic ports becomes possible.

The HF driver has quite good capacity for a dome. A small, short horn as well as diffraction damping on the baffle along the horn edge improves the radiation pattern.

The crossover network is quite complex, in fact the most expensive component in the speaker except the cabinet. Here, the frequency range is divided between the LF and HF drivers, so that the overall frequency response - both on and off-axis, is correct. Time-domain and phase are also controlled - check the step response in the specification. What happens in time is important for stereo perspective and placement of instruments.

The cabinet construction is dead and free of resonances. The moderate size also makes it easier to avoid mechanical resonances.

The cabinet is mounted to the stand with 2 bolts. The bottom bolt can be moved so that vertical angle can be adjusted for different listening distance and listening height.


Free-standing passive loudspeaker for music and entertainment in small and medium rooms, to be used in stereo pair, supported by separate bass-system for low frequency reproduction.
Frequency range
120Hz - 20KHz
Rated impedance
8 ohm (Minimum 6.0 ohm @240hz)
Recommended amplifier power
Up to 100W (8 ohm)
Power handling
40W AES / 60W (IEC 2685 18.1)
Output capacity
Peak 105dB/1m
LF section
5" driver in small cabinet with damped acoustic ports
HF section
1" soft-dome with small horn
Recommended listening distance
1.2m - 3.0m.
Angular tilt adjustment for vertical listening height
2° - 6° - 10°
Dimensions (H/W/D)
800mm (floor-to-top)/160mm(cabinet baffle width)/80mm(cabinet depth)
Floorstand (W/D): 190mm x 190mm.
Frequency response (on-axis, 1m 4π)

Phase is wrapped inside -180°..+180°.
Frequency response (0-45°-90°-135°-180° horisontal)

1/6 octave smoothing.
Step response

Price and ordering

Even though these products are no longer in production, please feel free to contact us as they may still be available on 2. hand market, or we may have demo or storage units that can be sold.
Prices listed here show listed price date april 2021.

Price list

Price in NOK currency (including NO VAT)
net export ex. taxes
F105 Loudspeakers
each/1 unit
F105 pair
2 units
Support for calibration and system configuration