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F205 + T6-A
Sound System

Small size, works in ordinary rooms, and sound quality so much better it makes a real difference.

This is the sound of the future.

The sound

It is the F205 loudspeakers that makes much of the sound in this system. The bass-system fills in the lower octaves, with dynamic and realistic bass to match the F205.

How it works

A complete loudspeaker system with integrated amplifiers and signal processing. Elegant and compact design which fits into both small, dedicated listening rooms and as a sound system in a regular living room.

This system differs from assembling something with regular, small hi-fi speakers and subwoofer in 3 ways:

  • Correct integration between main speakers and bass-system is designed into the system
  • The main speaker is designed to play only midrange and up
  • Proper bass system with sound character matching the main speakers

This system is suitable for music - all kinds of music, and for movies as long as you do not play very loud.

It is not suitable if you want bass-punch of the kind you lose your breath from, or expect realistic reproduction of earthquakes.

It can play quite loud, much louder than a typical hi-fi speaker of the same size. The bass-system is the limiting factor.


F205 + T6-A Sound System
Compact sound system for music and entertainment in small and medium size rooms, with 2 channels for stereo reproduction, where each channel consist of a main loudspeaker and a subwoofer, with integrated amplifier and signal processor.
Main Speakers
2x F205
2x T6-A
Frequency range
28Hz - 20KHz (Lower frequency range limit depends on room and placement, typical 24-30Hz.)
Output capacity
109dB/1m/>120Hz each channel
100dB/1m/2π/30Hz each channel
Crossover Frequencies
F205 to bass-system: 120Hz active dsp-controlled
Recommended listening distance
1.6m - 3.2m
Input Signal
Analog RCA 2.18Vrms,
Analog balanced XLR 6.15Vrms,
Digital AES/EBU,
Digital S/PDIF,
Digital optical Toslink