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Articles on Compact Horn and subwoofers and bass-systems:

Compact Horn Subwoofer

Small and cute for high quality horn bass sound.

Sound character similar to the larger horns, in a very compact format.

Tuned for music, suitable for movies as long as you keep the volume at reasonable level.

You pay a little extra for small size and horn. Then considering the included transparent-sounding amplifier with signal processing, the T6-A is a very cost-efficient way of setting up a high performance sound system.

How it works

Compact Horn subwoofer

Acoustic loading from the long, narrow horn channel increases performance significantly compared to the typical sealed or ported enclosure types.

T6-A Active Compact Horn subwoofer

Integrated amplifier with signal processing and 2 output channels makes a simple, cost efficient and very high performance sound system.

The main speakers can then be powered from the T6. Fewer boxes, and you can sell your power amplifier.

T6 Passive Compact Horn subwoofer

Intended to be powered from a T6-A unit, no built-in amplifier.

One T6-A and one T6 makes a complete bass-system solution with 2 subwoofer units and DSP signal processing.

Solving subwoofer crossover processing

To properly integrate the T6-A bass-system with main speakers, it is necessary to have processing with adjustable delay and high-pass filtering for the mains. Many 2-channel systems lack this functionality, and then this becomes an obstacle that blocks the possibility of getting the bass right.

The T6-A has two individual DSP channels, each with its own output power amplifier. This solves all necessary processing for integration. One channel is used for the main speaker, the other is for the T6-A subwoofer.

The power amplifier of Hypex nCore type has very low distortion, it does not have any audible impact on sound quality - no "sound", when operating within its intended range - below 70W.

Connecting bass-system and main speakers

Bass-system with T6-A and T6

If you already have processing and power amplifier in place for the main speakers, you can configure your system with one T6-A and one T6. The T6 is then powered from the T6-A unit.

Placement options

The T6 is small and easy to place. It can be placed flat, or raised upright.


T6-A / T6 Compact Horn Subwoofer
Output capacity
Frequency range
28Hz - 200Hz
Driver size
Cabinet Material
Birch plywood
T6-A: Active with DSP amplifier
Internal Hypex nCore FA122 (Powers up to 2 subwoofer units, or the one T6-A and one main speaker.)
DSP functionality
2 individual output channels with processing for crossover, eq, delay.
Amplifier output power Channel 2
70W/8Ω, 140W/4Ω, both channels driven.
Input Signal
Analog RCA 2.18Vrms,
Analog balanced XLR 6.15Vrms,
Digital AES/EBU,
Digital S/PDIF,
Digital optical Toslink
T6: Passive without amplifier
External power from channel 2 in a T6-A unit.
T6-Flat-A with default DSP settings, all measurements 2π ground-plane.
Frequency response,

Measured at 0.5m 2π


Measured at 1.0m 2π

Measured at 1.0m 2π

Group Delay
CEA-2010 Max SPL

1m 2π peak