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Articles on acoustics and rooms:


"We now know how to fix the room"

Yes, how to fix a room to achieve good acoustic properties for sound reproduction, is known. But that does not mean everyone knows.

The first part is to know how the acoustic properties of a good room actually is. This can be measured, it is found mostly in the decay structure - how sound decays across the frequency range.

Then the room must be treated with acoustic treatment, to achieve those properties - the right decay, mix between absorption and reflection and diffusion.

This Room Acoustics Service is a guide to do this in your room. You get to see what it takes to fix it to the best level. Then there will usually be practical and interior decoration limits to what can be done in a reasonable way, and we look into what happens if we do only parts from the complete solution - perhaps it is possible to achieve a good compromise between performance and something that is reasonable to implement practically.

Room acoustics guide for your room

Describe your room - dimensions, send pictures - get advice for how to improve acoustics, including 3d-model with acoustic treatment in place.

Delivered on-line, we communicate through e-mail or a messenger service, we have a dialog about your room and discuss options for improvements.

Acoustic measurements are not necessary, they can only tell us the room is bad, they say nothing about what sort of treatment is needed and where to place things.

For implementation, you can use local suppliers and constructors, buy from acoustics suppliers, or build much of it yourself. Drawings for acoustic treatment modules will be available, as well as descriptions for how to build treatment into a wall.

Who is this for

  • Living room with tv ⁄ stereo ⁄ home-theater
  • Dedicated listening room
  • Dedicated cinema ⁄ home-theater
  • Sound studio
  • Demo room

Anyone who has a small room - small means all normal rooms in a house - and reproduce sound in there - music, movies, other media content with sound. For pure entertainment, or professional.

Requirements will be very different for a multi-purpose living room, compared to a dedicated sound studio. But they share the same acoustic challenges, and the same methods can be applied to achieve the best possible sound, inside the limits of what is reasonable to do from a practical perspective.