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T-Series Compact Horn subwoofers for that addictive horn bass sound - alive, realistic, powerful, airy.

The port opening close to the driver gives the T-Series their characteristic appearance. This arrangement gives very good summation of the output from the port and the driver. The shape around the driver and port exit also help to direct and radiate the high acoustic velocity from the port. Close to and in front of the subwoofer the acoustic particle velocity is higher, giving more tactile feel.

The horn loading provides better coupling from the driver to the acoustic air load. Output capacity is significantly increased, distortion reduced, and it allows for use of a driver with excellent transient behavior.

At low frequencies the air velocity in a too small acoustic port will limit performance. Compact Horn technology allows for much larger port area than ordinary bass-reflex ported cabinets do, and this has a dramatic effect on output capacity at very low frequencies.

Radiation pattern is close to omni, because the horn port and driver radiating surfaces are very small compared to the wavelength at low frequencies. For low bass reproduction in a room, this has no significance, since the subwoofer will couple directly to the surfaces in the room so that what happens to the sound field is determined by room and placement of subwoofer units.

The cabinets are made of birch plywood. This results in light and rigid units.

The first Compact horn subwoofers were tall towers - this is were the "T" originate from, "T" for "Tower". Later models with different shape have since been added to the range.

Less complex cabinet construction compared to the V-Series reduces cost, with significantly lower prices as a consequence.

Compact Horn Subwoofer

Decent capacity and full-range frequency extension in a small, compact unit.

But don't be fooled by the modest size - this is serious bass. With real extension down to well below 20Hz, and this sound character with realism and dynamics to both film and music, usually associated with very large installations.

The T6018 has a 180cm2 port opening area, and two damping channels inside.

The 12" driver is similar to the one used in most of the larger and mid-sized Compact Horn units, such as the V110. This driver has a motor that handles high current and hard acoustic load, decent linear excursion, and a massive xmech of 60mm. The large-signal properties of the driver - suspension characteristics, motor with magnet and coil - all combine with the acoustic load from the Compact Horn cabinet, in such a way that as you increase the volume to get more of that massive, solid punch, the bass seems to get even more precise and tight.

T6018 Compact Horn Subwoofer
Output capacity
> 112dB/1m/2π > 30Hz
Frequency range
18Hz - 200Hz
Driver size
SA-700 (Powers up to 4 units)

Compact Horn Subwoofer

Small and cute for high quality horn bass sound for smaller rooms.

Sound character similar to the larger horns, in a very compact format.

Tuned for music, suitable for movies as long as you keep the volume at reasonable level.

As an alternative to the V6, the T6-Flat is priced lower, in a different design, and has slightly better low-bass output. And the built-in amplifier option makes for a more elegant system with fewer boxes.

T6-Flat-A Active Compact Horn subwoofer

Integrated amplifier with signal processing and 2 output channels makes a simple, cost efficient and very high performance sound system.

The main speakers can then be powered from the T6. Fewer boxes, and you can sell your power amplifier.

Solving the subwoofer crossover processing

To properly integrate the T6-Flat-A bass-system with main speakers, it is necessary to have processing with adjustable delay and high-pass filtering for the mains. Many 2-channel systems lack this functionality, and then this becomes an obstacle that blocks the possibility of getting the bass right.

The T6-Flat-A has two individual DSP channels, each with its own output power amplifier. This solves all necessary processing for integration. One channel is used for the main speaker, the other is for the T6-Flat-A subwoofer.

The power amplifier of Hypex nCore type has very low distortion, it does not have any audible impact on sound quality - no "sound", when operating within its intended range - below 70W. You can also choose to use an external power amplifier of your own choice, for the main speakers.

Connecting bass-system and main speakers

Bass-system with T6-Flat-A and T6-Flat

If you already have processing and power amplifier in place for the main speakers, you can configure your system with one T6-Flat-A and one T6-Flat. The T6-Flat is then powered from the T6-Flat-A unit.

T6-Flat-A / T6-Flat Compact Horn Subwoofer
Output capacity
Frequency range
28Hz - 200Hz
Driver size
T6-Flat-A: Active with DSP amplifier
Internal Hypex nCore FA122 (Powers up to 2 subwoofer units, or the one T6-Flat-A and one main speaker.)
DSP functionality
2 individual output channels with processing for crossover, eq, delay.
Amplifier output power Channel 2
70W/8Ω, 140W/4Ω, both channels driven.
Input Signal
Analog RCA 2.18Vrms,
Analog balanced XLR 6.15Vrms,
Digital AES/EBU,
Digital S/PDIF,
Digital optical Toslink
T6-Flat: Passive without amplifier
External power from channel 2 in a T6-Flat-A unit.
Amplifier alternative
External SA-100 (Powers up to 2 T6-Flat units.)


External amplifier units with DSP - digital signal processing - powers the compact horn subwoofers.

With decent efficiency the horns require only moderate power to deliver massive acoustic output. Absolutely silent operation with no cooling fans, draws less power making it easier to install larger systems, compact size.

Default configuration settings for each subwoofer type includes limiting for protection and reliable operation.

Real DSP functionality for optional calibration using acoustic measurements, including support for advanced multi-subwoofer calibration.

The amplifier cabinets are made in wood, with black oiled finish.

SA 700

DSP amplifier for Compact Horn subwoofers

Hypex PSC2.700: Class-D output stage, digital signal processing unit, passive cooling, 2 channels.
Output power
2x 338W / 8 Ω (20Hz, both channels driven)
2x 462W / 4 Ω (20Hz, both channels driven)
(Powers up to 4 Compact Horn units)
DSP functionality
Parametric eq, filtering, delay, gain. 4 selectable presets.

SA 100

DSP amplifier for Compact Horn subwoofers

Hypex AS2.100: Class-D output stage, digital signal processing unit, passive cooling, 2 channels.
Output power
2x 40W / 4 Ω (20Hz, both channels driven)

(Powers up to 2 T6/V6 Compact Horn units)